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March 14 - April 11, 2020

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Welcome to the Renaissance, where the Black Plague has ceded power to the Puritans, farthingales and codpieces are the latest fashion trend, and the biggest celebrity in England is a playwright named William Shakespeare.


In the midst of all this excitement, brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom are trying to keep their acting company afloat. In a desperate attempt to out-Bard the Bard, Nick consults with a soothsayer, who informs him that the future of theatre involves acting, singing, and dancing -- sometimes all at once!


As the Bottom brothers strive to write the world’s very first “musical”, they find themselves caught in a bitter battle with the Bard and the play's the thing. Something Rotten! is a hysterical, joyous celebration of everything you love about Broadway. LISTEN TO SONGS HERE!

It's Our 20th Season of Inspired Theatre!

Help us with our

20 for 20 in 2020 campaign!


We are asking each of our supporters to donate at least $20 for our 20th Season in 2020! Can you believe it has been 20 years since we started this journey of presenting productions of high quality literary content, and production values? Please help us produce our next 20 years, starting with the huge production of the Non-Equity Premiere of the musical comedy, SOMETHING ROTTEN! Thank you for your support now and, hopefully, into the future.

Donate now for a 2020 Tax Year deduction!

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